1 Month Turnaround

We know that you are busy and would like some certainty around your tax returns, i.e. when will it be completed and what is required from you.

Through Scheduling, in which we give all of our clients a set date to bring in their returns by, we are achieving this. Also sent out are our detailed, easy to follow checklists. These ensure all information is complete, that our clients are claiming everything they are entitled to, and to let us know of any changes throughout the past financial year. Once we receive these checklists filled out and signed, along with all information required, we guarantee a 1 month turn around.

This is from when we receive the information, to the time we file your tax returns with the IRD. We have had great feedback from our clients since implementing this. This scheduled date is determined in consultation with you. In many cases we have actually been able to exceed our targets with 1 day being our quickest turn around period.

So please contact us to see how we can help you.