Business Basics

  • Year-end accounts
  • Tax returns filed
  • Tax reminders
  • Free tax updates
  • One month turnaround
  • GST & PAYE support*/Advice
  • Financial Statements
  • Liaise with IRD so you don’t have to



  • How do you keep IRD off your back?
  • Are you so stressed with dealing with IRD that you can’t focus on your core business?
  • Are you fully compliant with IRD?
  • How do you file on time, pay on time, with the right amount, and claim and declare all you should be?
  • Do you wish your accountant would make Income tax easier to understand in a language you can relate to?
  • How can you be sure that you’re claiming all you’re entitled to?
  • Can you have advanced knowledge of when your accounts and returns will get done and how long they will take?
  • Is it possible to have fast and easy to understand advice on business, GST, PAYE, and have one-on-one friendly assistance with preparation?