Company Administration

Company Administration Taken Care Of

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in a day to ensure that all required administrative tasks are completed, but neglecting them can be costly.

We can help by ensuring some key administrative tasks are taken care of.

  • Companies Office Annual Return
    • Registering changes
    • Ensure the required statutory documents folder is up to date
    • PPSR Search – Who has rights over your assets i.e. Bank
  • Company Cessation
    • Shareholder/Director resolutions
    • Liaise with IRD & Companies Office
  • LTC Elections
    • Registering and changing the status
    • Provide advice on best status for your personal circumstances
  • Filing of Nil Returns
  • Company Change of Name
    • Liaise with IRD & Companies Office
    • Shareholder & Director confirmation & cover letters
  • Share Transfers
  • Deed of Acknowledgement of Debt
  • IRD Number Application
  • Registering/Deregistering
    • GST
    • PAYE
  • Fringe Benefits Tax – FBT
    • Calculation of tax
    • Review circumstances
    • Provide advice

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