Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I/we understand and authorise that:

The information received from me/us will be securely held by Storey & Associates Limited. I/we may access and correct this information under the Privacy Act 1993.

The information may be used by Storey & Associates Limited to:

  • consider my/our application for facilities, products or services or any future applications for facilities, products or services;
  • administer, manage and monitor any facilities, products or services provided to me/us;
  • conduct market research, data processing and statistical analysis and external database checks; and
  • unless I/we disagree, provide me/us with information about other facilities, products or services including selected third party products or

Storey & Associates Limited may disclose information about me/us to its related companies (as defined by the Companies Act 1993), agents or contractors for the above purposes.

If I/we default in any obligations to Storey & Associates Limited then information about me/us may be disclosed to credit reference or debt recovery agencies and retained by them. Those agencies may provide that information to their customers who use their credit reporting services.

Storey & Associates Limited may obtain information and make such enquiries about me/us as Storey & Associates Limited consider warranted from any source including its related companies (as defined by the Companies Act 1993) and credit reference agencies for the above purposes.