Five Things To Add To Your Company Brochure


5 Things to Include in Your Company Brochure

— 05 August 2014

Company Profile

This can work as a serious sales tool – you create a document detailing what makes your company so great. More importantly, talk about why your company is the best choice for the prospect – and what you plan to do for them! A company profile can give the consumer confidence in you, particularly if they haven’t worked with you before. Let people know what your history is, and where your company is headed. Explain the benefits of dealing with your company.

Benefits and Testimonials

These are the four most important things about you, or the seven reasons you are a better choice for them. Print testimonials and direct quotes from your past customers about how good you are. A mix of both strategies can work very well. The benefit of using testimonials is that your prospects will find it reassuring that other people have dealt with you and are happy with the results. By doing this, you are almost getting your past customers to do your selling for you. This can be a great way to close the sale. If your prospect seems interested but is not quite ready to commit, having a list of testimonials from past clients can often tip them over the edge. Of course, a benefit sheet can do the same thing, but you need to make sure that you list only the benefits and not the features of your product.

Written Guarantee

This concept is where you write a guarantee that addresses the customer’s key frustration in buying from you. Pick out the one thing that people are scared of when buying from you, and guarantee that it will not be a problem. If it is, offer to put things right. Once you have finalized what it is, make sure you tell people, and advertise it. The better the guarantee, the more comfortable people will be when dealing with you.

Define Your Uniqueness

If there is nothing different about you, people will only buy from you because of convenience, nothing more. Added to that, you will never be able to raise your prices – if there is anyone doing it for less, people will buy from them. You need to work out what is special about you, and publicize it. In addition, do not just say ‘price’ or ‘quality’ – these are empty terms. You need to make it very specific and meaningful. There are almost unlimited possibilities when finding your uniqueness. Often just claiming that what you do is unique and then promoting that point is sufficient to have people believe you. This can be the case, even when there are plenty of other
people who do exactly the same thing that you do. No matter which business you are in, you need to stress a unique quality, one that people will perceive as being invaluable.

Your Company’s Vision Statement

Write out why you are in business, and your own personal standards. Include a summary of your ethics, and an outline of how you deal with customers. This is your compass that directs your team’s shared goals. Where are you going? What is essential to you? What will be reflected in your company? How will it be perceived? How does it operate? What does it value and believe?

Then give it to every client.

By Peter Nola, ABC Business Broker


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