Health and Safety Cases


Health and Safety Cases

Food Company pays $43,000 after worker suffered carbon monoxide poisoning
Extensive experience operating a particular type of equipment may not necessarily be a protection against the dangers created when it is used in an unfamiliar environment.

Boyds Asparagus Industries Limited has been fined $26,ooo and ordered to pay reparation of $7,000 (in addition to $10,000 already paid) after a worker was poisoned by carbon monoxide, suffering serious harm, he fell unconscious for several hours and spent 2 days in hospital.

Boyds pleaded guilty to 2 charges under the Health and Safety in Employment Act for failing to take allpractical steps to ensure an employee was healthy and safe at work.

Boyds failed to identify the hazard of of carbon monoxide poisoning from the use of a LPG poweredforklift in a confined area. They also failed to train their employees on the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from using these types of forklifts.

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