Help is on the Horizon


Help is on the Horizon

See how Storey and Associates can provide assistance that’s above and beyond what other Accountants provide.

With the onset of winter looming and the certainty of cold nights and inclement weather, property owner’s thoughts will inevitably turn to the prospect of roof leaks, blocked spouting, rotting windowsills and inadequate heating. In addition, with the government’s proposed Rental Warrant of Fitness Scheme and the subsequent compliance requirements which could be just around the corner, rental property owners are faced with a myriad of small yet exasperating repairs and maintenance jobs that need a quick fix.

However the road to the local home handyman store is paved with good intention and a tight budget. What starts out as a quick and easy task with a short list of essential provisions quickly blows out to a mini building restoration programme and an accompanying hefty price tag.

But all is not lost as most of these costs, not necessarily all, can be claimed against your rental income and we can help you with determining your correct entitlements in what can be, to the uninitiated, the murky waters of the IRD Repairs and Maintenance rules. In addition, through our partnership with our trusted associates, we can assist you with obtaining significant discounts on some or all of the purchases made when lifting a rental property to a satisfactory standard. In some circumstances our associate may be able to facilitate lower lending rates for debts associated with the rental property.

For more information on how to obtain discounts on some household appliances and purchases from major brand retail outlets or to discuss tax entitlements, contact us via email or call Shane or Janine on 06 355 4647.

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