Transform your business from mediocre to great


Transform from mediocre to great

Here are the top 7 essential ingredients for cultivating greatness within your business:

1. Know What Your Business Stands For And Live Those Values.
What values does your business stand for? What practices have you developed to live those values daily?

2. Know Your Compelling “Why.”
For what “transcendent” purpose does your business exist? How does your business make a difference in your customers’ lives?

3. Always Seek The Edge.
How can you “take more out of yourself than you’ve got” to achieve the seemingly impossible in your business?

4. Dare To Be Different.
Where in your business can you break the rules? How can you set yourself apart from the crowd in your industry?

5. Find Models Of Greatness.
What is it about them you would like to emulate? What changes can you make today to be like them?

6. Know The End In Mind.
What decisions have you made about your business future? What do you need to decide differently in order to have a great outcome?

7. Commit To Personal Greatness.
How do you define personal greatness for yourself? What changes can you make to unleash your own greatness?”

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